A word cloud portrait!

Using the Fontasy photo animation, create your own original, personalised and great-looking self-portrait to take away. A guaranteed unique souvenir!

How it works: guests are filmed by a webcam then their silhouette is transformed and recreated by using different words, printed in different fonts, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

The software allows the client to choose the words, as well as the font colour.
The aim of this artistic photo animation is to create an original image, emphasising the idea of producing a souvenir people want to share.
This innovative concept works by enabling a selection of words to be highlighted, chosen by the
client and which are relevant to the event or to the company. Guests leave with a photo print (10×15) portrait format, or they can email to themselves. Thanks to this photo animation, each guest goes home with a personalised gift in the colours of your brand.
Additionally, we can personalise the photo border with text and a logo

Add social media share buttons in the email sent.

It takes less than one minute for each person, including printing.

The FONTasy photo booth offers an aesthetic product bringing an arty and high-quality aspect to must-have photo animations.