The Mega PARK brings together fun, interactive attractions, in the spirit of the old Luna Parks. The arcade games of the 1990s, brought up to date using new technologies, mean you can experiment with video games in an urban context. Enter a fun and magic world!

Mega Tetris

A game of illuminated Tetris guided by a simple electronic card. The controller is operated by guests using an interactive light cube. By hitting the left side of the cube, the piece moves to the left, hit the right and it moves to the right, and if you hit the top, the piece pivots.

Mega Laser

A laser-based minimalist game, in the same vein as the mythical Asteroids arcade game. The game is projected by laser onto the façade of a building and people play with a position sensor inside a space-age backpack. People then have to adopt positions to play (by leaning to the left or right and using the button to shoot). The game can be projected on all kinds of support (building facades, screens or the side of a marquee for example).

Mega Pacman

A pacman adapted and modified for a building façade onto which the game is projected. The idea is that people use a giant arcade joystick. The game’s design is reworked in situ to function on the façade or is projected onto a screen.

Mega Noise

In a different kind of trial of strength, people have to shout into a large standing mike (1m20) to try and hit the heights. Fully illuminated, the objective to reach is almost 6 metres high.

Mega Donkey Kong

The Q Donkey Kong played with a giant controller, just like the legendary Nintendo-controller, but on a scale of 1m20/0.5m. This means two can play at the same time. The game is projected onto a screen or smooth surface (the side of a house for example).

Les arcades

Further option:

People can play old-school games and (re)discover the simple pleasure of arcade games.

Mega Bike

Every game can be rented individually.